An exquisite place in the Himachal Pradesh known as Israel of India


Kasol is a beautiful hamlet which is located in Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh northern state of India. It is called as Israel of India due to numerous Israel tourists visit this place every year. An effortless way to reach Kasol from anywhere in India is to reach Delhi and catch a  train or flight. Distance from Delhi to Kasol is 519kmts. If you are traveling in train need to get down near Bhunter railway station from there take a local taxi or bus to Kasol. If traveling through the flight one needs to get down at either Kullu or to Dharamsala from their take a local bus.

Stay in Kasol is very stringy. As it is a hub for backpackers most of the backpacker camp near Parvati riverside instead of staying in motel and resorts. Kasol is famous for its best Israel cuisine and hippies. you can find hippies near Parvati riverside.

Places to visit near Kasol :

Manikaran which is 4.3 km from Kasol, Kheer-Ganga, a spiritual and scenic place 22 km from Kasol, Tosh village, Malana place which cut contact from rest of the world and is one of the oldest democratic places.

Best time to visit Kasol is April to Aug, If you wanna see snowfall then visit between November to Feb, to enjoy the winter in Kasol.



Manikaran is located in Parvathi valley on river Parvathi, 4km from Kasol and 35 km from Kullu. It is a pilgrim center for Hindus and Sikhs. Manikaran as temples for Lord Shiva, Rama, Krishna and also Gurdwara. The legendary story in Hinduism regarding this place once Lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi were roaming around visited this beautiful place which is surrounded by greenery and mountains. It is believed that they stayed here 11 thousand years, during their stay here one-day mani fell in river water from Parvathi Devi earring.


Devi requested lord Shiva to retrieve back her mani, Lord commanded the attendants to get the mani but they failed in retrieving. This triggered anger in lord by opening his third eye which caused a disturbance in the entire Universe, Sheshnag came to pacify lord and he split all the gemstones among that Devi got her mani back. Water which is spilled by Sheshnag is the hot spring water. People take a dip in this hot spring water which is very hot. This water is said to be the cure for arthritis.

In Manikaran there is experimental Geothermal energy plant, which measures the temperature of earth’s core and the surface of the earth.

Tosh village :

Tosh, a hippie village which is located at 7,900ft elevation on the hill near Kasol town in Parvathi valley surrounded by mountains. From Manikaran to tosh distance is 15.9 km, takes around 56 mins by road Manikaran – Barsheni Rd and then 1-hour hike to reach the hippie colony.


Once you reach Tosh you can experience a different world with breathtaking views of mountains, a valley surrounded by greenery. one will be lost in beauty, this place is calm and relaxing for people who want to experience peace. you can stay in motel rooms. In Cafe, you will get Indian, Italian and European food. Tosh food is quite expensive as a food item needs to be brought uphill which is not an easy job. This place is popular among backpackers, Tourists who come to this place are mainly Israelis and European backpackers. You can smell the Marijuana a lot in this place. This place is mainly for its scenic beauty and for nature lovers. you can start your Kheer Gang trekking from here.

Kheer Ganga:

Trekking path from the Tosh village to Kheer Ganga joins near a village called Nakthan, Tosh river which follows near Tosh village joins Parvathi river near Pulga. Kheer Ganga to Barshaini it takes almost 2 hours. Kheer Ganga is famous Himalayan

trekking destination which opens almost the entire year except for a few weeks in peak winter time as it covered with snow.

Legend of Kheer Ganga says that Lord Shiva did meditation in this place for thousand years. Kheer Ganga translates to “milky white sacred water”. one should dip in this natural hot spring water which is sacred and meditative. Locals believe that Kheer Ganga is the abode of Lord Shiva. Near this place, there is an ancient temple.


Stay at Kheer Ganga is a bit difficult as there are no motels available, the open-air cafe in day and some closed eating space for the cold night with heaters available for a simple stay. Some tent accommodation will be available or you can pitch your own tent by giving some amount. Another option by which trekkers can stay in common rooms will be in Ashram maintained by sadhus(Monks).

Kheer Ganga gives the best trekking experience with its natural beauty throughout your trekking and when you finally reach the destination you feel worth the tedious trekking. It is the best place to visit near Kasol, the spellbound beauty of the Himalayas makes you speechless and captive. Go on Kheer Ganga trekking and experience this by yourself.


Most mysterious place in Kasol is the Malana Village. Kasol to Malana distance is 21.5 km, 1 hr 8 mins via road, almost 1 km you need to trek to Malana village. Trekking to Malana village is a bit tedious, worth reaching the place. once you reach Malana village entrance there will be a signboard saying you’re not allowed to touch anything in the village. You can talk to the locals but not allowed to take photographs. This is a bit scary but needs to follow the rules, else, need to pay fine.

There are multiple stories about Malana people origin. One story goes like they are descendants of Aryans and another one there said to be descendants of Lord Shiva.  Some say, Alexander stayed in Malana few years with his followers, so they are considered as descendants of Alexander.


They cultivate Malana Cream which is world famous and in some countries, it is called black gold, which is illegal in India according to the Indian government. These Malana people don’t have a connection with the outside world they have their own rules and government. It is considered as one of the oldest democracy. They don’t follow the Indian government.


Kasol town in Himachal Pradesh is the best place to visit in summer and experience a different world with hippies. Never miss Kheer Ganga trekking when you visit Kasol it gives the best experience in a spiritual way and also to relax with nature and enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas in Parvathi river valley. Tosh village a hippie village with the full scenic beauty of valley and mountains. Manikaran pilgrim place is a must visit here and take a dip in the sacred hot spring waters. Lastly, the mysterious Malana village which is rumored with many stories and also famous for world-famous Malana cream.

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