Elegant Hand accessories for the wedding

Are you a bride looking for hand accessories which look royal and classy than ordinary traditional bangles, then you are at the right place? Here we describe you the best 7 different Hand accessories at a reasonable cost.

In every Indian Hindu wedding, bangles are mandatory as per the tradition. Here we show you different accessories for different functions like Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, reception and finally your big day, without breaking any traditional values. Our main intention is to make your wedding a beautiful memory with an attractive attire at the same time elegant dressing.

#1 Hathphool:

Hathphool is Traditional bride’s wear from many centuries, here we provide you the information about different styles of Hathphool for different functions.

For Haldi and Mehendi function you can wear this Hathphool made up of pearls and floral design which make look you special on your special day.

Whereas this gold Hathphool, you can wear during the reception or on your big day. Instead of going for cliché Hathphool we recommend you choose the kind of design which looks trendy at the same time classy.

If you are not in heavy jewelry, we suggest you with this one a simple Hathphool for the reception.

#2 Floral, Gota handwear:

This Handwear are mainly used during Haldi and Mehendi function. You can buy a Floral, Gota set which contains a chain, earring, bangle, and ring or just ring and bangles it up to your choice.

A Gota complete set which you can wear during your Mehendi function.

Not interested in the set, just want to look simple and special you just go for Floral bangles on your Mehendi day which makes your beautiful hand even more beautiful.

A Floral ring for Haldi function which looks trendy not only for Haldi you can wear this for occasions also.

If you into simple design and looking for a lightweight ring this kind will suit you.

# 3 Gold Kundan Kadas:

You can wear a pair of gold Kundan along with wedding bangles will give you a  royal look or you can just wear a pair of this alone for reception and Sangeeth gives an elegant look to your hand.

If your simple jewelry person then Gold Kundan Kadas is not your cup of tea. It’s wedding a very special occasion in your life.give a try to this Kundan Kadas.

#4 Cocktail Rings:

By wearing this cocktail ring on your index finger it gives a statement like bold and beautiful. the best choice for the reception. Different styles of cocktail rings are available which is made of diamond and only gold you can buy based on your choice and interest.

A Vintage ring which gives a good complement along with your dress and makeup.

A Gold Cocktail ring which gives a simple and elegant look.

# 5 Watch:

No need to wonder why we are mentioning about watches in Brides hand accessories it is an evergreen fashion and gives the bride a classy look.You wear it during the reception and for the Cocktail party.

Crystal studded silver and gold-coated watches you wear the watch matching to your dress. It gives you sporty look you won’t believe us then try for yourself and see the look.

#6 Bajubandh:

It is not south Indian brides jewelry alone, even north Indian can wear on the lehenga. It looks beautiful on both silk saree(patu saree) and lehenga.

In general south India, the bride wears them it is a tradition you may not see any wedding in south India without the jewel on brides hand.

Nowadays north Indians also trying this, so my readers whoever you may be south or north Indian wear it during your wedding along with other jewelry it gives you a complete look.

Have a look at the images to have a better understanding of the Bajubandh.

The above mentioned Bajubandh are chain model.

This one is a Bangle model Bajubandh.

#7 Delicate bangles and bracelets:

Another versatile jewelry which gives you danity and Gorgeous look. This jewelry you can wear on sangeet and on pre-wedding photo shot.This jewelry is especially for simple and lightweight jewel wearers.

Let’s have look at the delicate bangle and bracelet.

A beautiful delicate diamond bracelet for special functions which can be used before and after the wedding.

A beautiful Butterfly delicate bangle with matching ring together make your look complete.


Whatever may be the wedding type destination marriage or normal local marriage. The above mentioned 7 Gorgeous looking jewelry makes a beautiful bride like you to look even more beautiful. In Indian marriages, many rituals will be led. the photographer mostly concentrating on brides beautiful Mehendi hand with bangles and other jewelry. so Hand Accessories plays an important role in all the weddings.


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