Neurochemical recipe for higher performance

Many employees nowadays experience lack of focus to complete a particular task due to which their performance levels are decreasing. This article provides you the solution for the problem not just by giving steps to be followed but an insight into the problem developed in your body.

Prefrontal Cortex

In a human brain, there is a part know as Prefrontal Cortex which is located beyond the forehead and responsible for much higher-level thinking like analytical thinking and executive decision making, future planning. Success is correlated with how well your Prefrontal Cortex functions as it make an executive decision and executive control.

The problem arises because Prefrontal Cortex fails very quickly, so in order to get success in life and to be innovative or to be a high performer in the career, your Prefrontal Cortex should properly function. Prefrontal Cortex will be fully developed between the age of 18 to 20.

Basal Ganglia

The other parts of the brain also influence the functioning of the Prefrontal Cortex. Let us look into one such part that is Basal Ganglia which is the part of the brain where our habits, belief system, and experience are stored.

How Basal Ganglia is interconnected to Prefrontal Cortex

Let us see an example. While driving a vehicle for the first time you will be very conscious by using Prefrontal Cortex part of the brain. Once if we learn how to drive even without concentrating we can drive to our destination as we become a more experienced driver. Here Basal Ganglia comes in to picture as experiences are stored in it.

The Prefrontal Cortex doesn’t work properly under extreme stress and when you are feeling extremely bored. At that time Basal Ganglia will be active.

Example in the military they give training multiple times so that during an emergency the Prefrontal Cortex shutdown then Basal Ganglia will take action. Basal Ganglia is quick whereas Prefrontal Cortex is slow.

Prefrontal Cortex consumes a lot of energy. Psychologists call this as ego depletion or discussion fatigue. Prefrontal Cortex is easily knocked out with another part of brian and easily get distracted.

How to improve Prefrontal Cortex

Let focus on how to improve the Prefrontal Cortex to increase high performance. Everyone more than once would have experienced this when you indulge in a task where you may not be aware of time. This state provides five times more productivity. Here are three simple steps to follow: Fun, Fear and Focus.


According to research those who have fun at work, a neurotransmitter called Dopamine will be released in their brain which makes them think faster, learn faster and also creates joyfulness. When you’re feeling good at something then Dopamine will be released, so ask your self do I enjoy my work?. Another means for Dopamine release is when you experience surprise.


Experiencing a little bit of fear during work is common it shows your normal, to make Prefrontal Cortex work one as to stretch their performance capabilities like they have to work on more challenging jobs. They have to think out of the box scenarios. Get the job you like and stretch the boundaries when we experience a slight level of fear, our brain releases hormone Noradrenaline which is a positive stress hormone. We need both Dopamine and Noradrenaline in our system for good performance.


To reach the peak of the performance one needs to focus. You can achieve focus at the workplace only when you stop doing multitasking. For example, checking mobile constantly during working hours for social media updates distract you from your work.

When you are fully focused, the brain releases a substance called Acetylcholine. The Prefrontal Cortex works only when you’re fully focused otherwise it is impossible. As your Prefrontal Cortex is limited resource it will get wasted because of your distraction.

Summing up

To get the higher performance you need to have your fun at work, set challenges to go beyond the boundaries and as a result of which focus will come by itself improving the quality of work.

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